Dolphin Encounter and Snorkeling Adventure

On a Grassy Flats Charters Dolphin Encounter or Snorkeling Adventure you will have an opportunity to swim and snorkel around in the gin clear waters that surround Shell Island! 

Remember this is a custom charter where you will have the boat all to yourself, you dictate the schedule, and the time spent at each location not having to worry about others. Here, you will enjoy exploring the beautiful grass flats, sandy areas, nearby jetties and emerald green waters off the beach packed full of all types of marine life! 

Adding to your Snorkeling Adventure will be the ever curious and playful Bottlenose Dolphins! Panama City Florida is one of the very few destinations in the world where one can view these incredible mammals up close and in their natural habitat. The Dolphins around Shell Island can routinely be seen jumping and playing and if you're lucky, will approach very close if you are near them swimming or snorkeling! (Special Note: Remember, these are wild dolphins, swimming and interacting on their schedule not ours! They cannot be chased, fed, or harassed in any way). 

Snorkeling gear is not provided due to the fact that exact fitting from person to person can vary greatly. However, custom fitted gear can be rented daily from most any dive shop or can be purchased at any of the large retailers. 

Wild Bottlenose Dolphins