Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when fishing on the flats?

Calmer water compared to the open bay or gulf and always in sight of land. Most people do not have issues with sea sickness in my experience. However, if you are prone to get sick please take the necessary steps to control it. The majority of the time the depth of the water you will be in is less than four feet deep. In fact, while sight fishing you will routinely be in two foot or less. In a lot of cases you will be sheltered from the wind. Other times we will use the breezes to help maneuver the boat quietly across the flats in search of fish.

Is it too rough in the gulf for your flats boat?

Yes and No. Boat’s will normally handle a lot more than the passengers will ever want to experience. However, we will not venture outside of protected areas unless conditions permit.

Are woman and children welcome?

Of course, in fact women usually out fish the guys so don’t get your feelings hurt if she puts it to ya! Don’t forget the tip and your secret will be safe with me. Even though I allow and encourage you to take a child fishing, Grassy Flats Charters is not a day care facility. Children can get very excited and must be supervised at all times for their safety and to ensure that they have a good time and take away nothing but great memories. Please feel free to contact me if you decide to bring children and we will work together in developing a fun and exciting trip based on each individual child.

What about Bathroom Facilities?

We are on a flats boat out in the water and nature calls! What do we do? Well each trip and clients are unique with different modesty issues. I have some good ideas and will treat each situation with utmost professionalism. Ask for specifics!

Are gift certificates available for special occasions?

Yes, in fact it would make a fantastic gift! Grassy Flats Charters provides custom trips and can accommodate many different requests. Just give me a call and we will work out the details.

Do I need a license?

No, Captain Daniel provides fishing licenses for each angler at no additional charge.

What type and how many fish can I expect to catch?

What do you want to catch? One species or several, the choice is up to you. I will share with you what is biting best at the time of your charter and explain in detail the methods that are working well at that particular time. As for as how many fish you will catch depends upon many different factors and the species you to decide to target. Weather, tide, rainfall, locating hungry fish and their willingness to eat and your fishing ability all play a role in your chances of hooking and landing fish. However, I will provide you with the boat, tackle, instruction, good times and put you where the fish are. Redfish and Speckled Trout bite all year. Tarpon, Ling (Cobia), Pompano are best sight fished from March thru August, however, call for up to date information. Other species that we can target and you can expect to catch from time to time include: Sharks, Flounder, Jacks, Mangrove Snapper, Ladyfish, King and Spanish Mackerel.

Can we keep fish?

Yes, however, I practice catch and release and encourage my clients to do the same. But if you would like to keep some fish to eat I will be happy to supply a cooler and ice for you. However, you will need to bring a cooler to transfer your catch to. If you need to have your fish cleaned or prepped for transport, I can recommend a seafood market that is open 7 days a week from 10a-6p. Please let me know your intentions before your trip. 

Do you use live bait, artificial lures, or Flies (Fly Fishing)?

Well, I do it all and love it! If fly fishing, we use flies that I tie for whats biting or clients will bring their own to try out. On spinning trips (spinning reels) we will use artificial lures. However, there are times that live or cut bait will be used depending on the conditions and fish targeted. If bait is used there will be no additional cost to you.

What if the weather is bad?

Well like they say around Panama City, if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change. Please do not decide to cancel a trip without speaking to me first. The weather around Panama City can be tricky at best and I have had many days in the past that turned out some excellent fishing when everyone else stayed at home. With that said you can be assured that I would never put my clients in a dangerous situation. 

How much does it cost if I want to extend my charter?

I love what I do and really enjoy spending time with my clients and being on the water. In most cases's the time that is booked is adequate, However, if you would like extra time we will discuss the additional cost if any at that time depending on my schedule and weather conditions (I'm not known for leaving fish that are biting!)

Why do you not require a deposit?

Good question. First, it is simply easier to conduct business this way. It’s less of a hassle for both of us. Second, just as you research guides before you spend your hard earned money for a special fishing trip, I qualify potential clients before they ever step foot on my boat. I talk with each person, gathering information getting to know you, your expectations, skill level etc…If at anytime I feel that the person is someone that I would not want to spend time with or fish with as a friend I will simply recommend that they find another Guide. Ultimately, I pick clients like you should pick your guide, someone that is trust worthy and that you feel comfortable with. My clients take me at my word and I take them at theirs.

What is furnished on all fishing charters?

  • A Great Attitude!
  • A clean Boat in great condition!
  • All fishing tackle (tackle varies with the type of charter).
  • Fishing License for all anglers (no additional charge).
  • Ice, “for your food, water, assorted soft drinks or alcoholic beverages”.
  • Insect repellant (mine is a spray, if you have a favorite, bring it!)
  • Instructional information on fishing, tackle, techniques, general history of the local area.
  • 100% effort on every charter to provide all clients with a great day on the water!

What should I bring?

  • A great attitude! Willingness to learn and have fun!
  • Hat (wide brim, one that will provide sun protection and increase visibility when sight fishing)
  • Clothing that fits the weather conditions (it's best to layer, it may be cool early and late in the day). Rain gear is recommended during the summer months due to the showers that may develop.
  • Sun glasses (If sight fishing, polarized sunglasses are a must have. Tints that work the best are amber, copper, or vermilion lenses for the clearest visibility into the water)
  • Comfortable non-marring shoes (Please, no black soles)
  • Sunscreen protection “lotion’s and/or clothing” Sunscreen Sprays are not recommended. Don’t forget your lips!
  • Whatever you would like to drink or eat (please talk with the Captain before you go shopping, space can be limited