Near Shore

Feeling Adventurous?

Near Shore charters are subject to the weather and sea conditions. These trips are usually for the more adventurous anglers (if you are prone to seasickness this trip may not be for you). 

Generally we start the day by catching live bait and working our way offshore several miles, where we utilize spinning tackle to free line live bait (along with chumming) over natural bottom or artificial reefs. With this method of fishing you can expect to catch everything from King & Spanish Mackerel, to Bonita, Shark, Mahi-Mahi, and even Sailfish! In other words, there are no fences out there and you just never know what may swim by and take the bait! 

Trolling a variety of artificial lures is another method I utilize to target a wide range of species. Trolling consist of slowly motoring along covering a lot of area in search of fish. Bottom fishing is not usually part of this type of trip, however, I have been known to sneak some tackle aboad that will allow us to catch a variety of fish that can't be coaxed up in the water column by chumming. Red snapper, grouper, and trigger fish to name a few! 

Finally, as we move from spot to spot we will always be on the lookout for birds diving and fish busting the surface of the water. This is a great indicator of feeding fish and we will generally cast artificial lures in their direction! 


  • King Mackerel
  • Large Spanish Mackerel
  • Bonita "False Albacore"
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Black fin Tuna 
  • Amberjack

Near Shore Action!