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Yes, we have Tarpon in the Panhandle!  The tarpon season in Northwest Florida usually runs from May through August with peak months being June and July along the coast. Yes, they get big around here! The tarpon migrating through our area usually range from 70 to over 200 lbs. and will challenge the most seasoned anglers. 

Tarpon fishing is sight fishing at its finest. If you have never experienced a string of tarpon or a single one so big it will make your heart skip a beat heading right at you in gin clear emerald green water you have been definitely missing out. Just having the opportunity to see these magnificent fish swimming along is a thrill but to feel the power and witness these aquatic acrobats in action jumping and skipping across the water is a life changing experience!

I target tarpon with artificial lures, live bait, and my favorite - the Fly! New to tarpon fishing and want to give it a try, I will plan your trip according to the weather, experience level, etc... I will go into detail on what to expect so that you fully understand what awaits you. Not your first time, great, choose your weapon and get ready for one hell of a fight! 

Awesome Tarpon Action! Keep on Crankin

Beach Tarpon

Tarpon in the Bay

Tarpon off the Bow

Jump Fish!

Yes, he is ON

Starting them young

Jumping them on Fly

Damn! Look at all those Tarpon!