Running the BEACH!

On the Move

Working just off the beautiful sugary white sandy beaches of Panama City Beach, Shell Island, or Crooked Island Sound makes for a great day in the outdoors! Looking down into the emerald green water from the elevated platforms provide a great vantage point to see and target a wide variety of fish. 

These trips are dictated by the weather and sea conditions but when everything is right it is an absolute blast! We are constantly on the move looking out for diving birds and fish busting and feeding on the surface. In addition, due to the gin clear water we will be looking for individual fish or the shadows of large schools of fish moving up and down the beach. 

Fly or spin? Artificial or live bait? Running the beach allows for it all. Of course fly fishermen love it because its "sight fishing" and there are usually multiple species to target.  For everyone else, we will do whatever is working the best to allow us to catch as many different fish as possible! 


  • Bull Reds
  • Jack Crevelle
  • Shark
  • Pompano
  • Smoker Kings
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Blue Fish
  • Lady Fish
  • Targets of opportunity! 

Jacks off the beach