Help and Advice

Growing up around the water and owning and operating several different types of boats over the years allows you to develop specific skills and knowledge that can help make life easier when dealing with marine activities. I have been asked over and over throughout the years by clients that are contemplating purchasing a boat, clients that already have a boat, or someone who just needs help or advice on how to reduce the learning curve associated with boat ownership. Well, it's always nice to have a parent, friend, or someone willing to spend time with you to help develop your skills. If not, that’s where I can help! 

I have walked people through the entire process, including everything from initial research on picking the right boat for their needs, outfitting the boat with equipment, safe and efficient operation on trailering, launching, and retrieval from marina’s to routine maintenance on the boat, motor, and trailer. In addition, I help to educate on boat handling, safety, and proper edicate while at the ramp and out on the water. Of course, I strongly encourage anyone that is planning on operating a vessel to take advantage of additional seamanship courses that are available up to and obtaining a Captain’s license if it meets their needs. 

OK, now you have the boat, you can operate and maintain it, all you need now is to learn to fish. You want to use your boat and equipment but don’t have the time or the patience to invest in learning all the locations, tackle prep, and tricks of the trade to routinely catch fish to impress your family and friends. That’s another area where I have found that many new to fishing benefit greatly from someone who’s been there done that! Again, I can help! I have worked with people and made sure they were getting the right equipment and tackle the first time, demonstrating the correct way to set up the equipment for the species that is going to be targeted, and taught techniques to use in different conditions to greatly improve their odds of catching fish. 

Alright, now you're set! Well almost, many just have a “quick” question or still would like some hands on personal instruction. No problem, I can help with that too. In fact, most of what I have mentioned may be able to be handled with a simple phone call or text message to (850) 832-4952 and it won’t cost you a thing. I am glad to help because I may be at the boat ramp or out on the water at the same time you are and in the end everyone benefits from smart, safe, boat handling skills! 

However, if your situation or questions require more attention and can’t be handled over the phone, I am available to help with as much information or hands on attention you may need. Because every situation and individuals needs are different there is no set fee. The fee will depend totally on what you want addressed and the time it will take for you to learn it. So, feel free to give me a call, afternoons and evenings are best, to get a quote and let's get you out on the water in the right boat, with the right gear, and knowledge to be safe and enjoy yourself!